Light at the End of the Tunnel for the Pole Dance Community

Vaccines are here, restrictions are slowly lifting, and students and athletes of the Pole Dance Community are finding their way back to dancing together in studios, gyms and fitness centers. While indoor activities are mostly open for business, once again, the community has displayed their willingness and strength to adapt to any circumstances: Individual and […]

The Impact of a Global Pandemic on the Pole Dance Community

All members of the Pole Fitness community – professional athletes, instructors, performers, fitness enthusiasts, suppliers and business owners – have been affected in some way by COVID-19. For many, the effect on small businesses has been devastating, with studios the world over closing shop indefinitely. We are a community known for its resilience, togetherness, adaptability […]

How to Be Body Positive and Healthy In 2019

body positive blogs

If you’re wondering how to be body positive, it’s about choosing a lifestyle which is built upon healthier ways of looking at yourself and your body. Over the last few years, plus-sized models have become very popular, starring in swimwear ads, promoting the idea of ‘fit not thin’ and generally breaking down stereotypes. However, opinions […]

Our Favourite Body Positive Blogs Of 2019

body positive blogs

Self-affirmation, fashion-forward thinking, and self-expression are all terms synonymous with body-positivity; a movement that is about being unapologetic, fearless and self-accepting. So who are the women that are at the forefront of body positivity? We’ve got our eyes on five bold and inspirational ladies who are encouraging us to celebrate womanhood through their trend-setting, motivational […]