Our design

Our design comes with a story. After being involved in dance since she was a child, founder of Dushko International, Weronika opened her own pole dance school.

She witnessed the struggle that many of her dancers were going through; having to settle for sub-standard pole dance wear that took away from their performance.

She made it her mission to source premium quality material that suits pole dance fitness and then design pole clothes meant to support high-performance exercise.

She spent countless days on the design of each product, to ensure the final versions available to you are the ideal for your needs.

All our pole dancing clothes have been stress-tested during regular dance class, pole dance class, fitness class, high heels class, yoga practice, weightlifting, stretching and running.

The result?

You will feel classy & confident, allowing you to be creative in your movements.

Our materials

Forget about what’s on the outside; lose yourself in your performance.

Our textile is four-way stretchable and locally sourced in Poland.

Why Poland? Weronika spent a lot of time travelling Europe seeking material that is just right for pole dance apparel.

After creating multiple prototypes, she realized that the best fabric was from her home country.

It’s built to last.

We know all too well that when you practice pole, your arms and shoulders become more prominent and stronger while your waist becomes thinner. It can be challenging to find pole dancing clothes that account for this.

Through experience and careful consideration, Weronika concluded that because four-way fabric is stretchable in both directions, it means more room for the body.

It also acts as a moisture-barrier, pushing moisture away from your skin so you can dance with confidence.

With the body positive movement at the forefront of our minds, we’ve created something incredibly elegant, durable and stylish.

Metal logo

  • Made from a high quality zinc alloy
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Passed a 48 hour salty-spray test
  • Wear resistant
  • Lead and nickel free

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