How to Choose the Right Pole Dancing Clothes

pole dancing clothes

Pole dancing or pole fitness is all about flexibility, grip and strength. If you’re wondering how to choose the right pole dancing clothes, we’ve put together a brief guide on what is required.

When you initially take up pole dance fitness, you can get away with wearing what you would usually wear to the gym: leggings and a tee. You will need the back of your knee exposed for gripping onto the pole, and so you can just roll up your leggings and go for it.

As you progress, gaining confidence in the sport, you will naturally strive to master trickier moves. This is when regular gym clothes won’t cut it any longer. This is because you will need as much skin exposed as possible to grip the pole.

There are specially designed pole dancing clothes to enhance your experience like four-way stretch garment technology, double seams and highly durable, excellent quality pole fitness wear. Pole fitness clothes should be flexible and durable enough to handle the rigorous physical requirements of the sport. Let’s look at some of the essentials.

A Sports Bra

The first item in this guide to choosing the right pole dancing clothes is none other than the sports bra. No matter the size of your bosom, a durable sports bra is a must! This is because a sports bra will hold your breasts in place. The last thing you need is one popping out when you are upside down on the pole!

At Dushko International, we have a wide variety of sophisticated yet durable sports bras available, and in a wide array of colours. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Tribal Sports Bra in Khaki

Allowing for multiple skin contact points between you and the pole. This maximum exposure sports bra highlights the shoulder blade while the slight overlap in front keeps your bosom in place.

Made with four-way stretchable material to ensure everything stays put.

Xara Sports Bra in Gray Melange

For the more conservative ladies, this sports bra has medium coverage on the front and minimal coverage on the back. You can even wear this sports bra with a pair of our leggings to the supermarket or for a coffee catch up with the girls before pole class.

You’ll be moving around a lot, with your skin pulling in a whole lot of different directions so we’ve used four-way stretchable garment technology to ensure nothing pops out.


The next step in choosing pole dancing clothes is picking a few pairs of yoga shorts, or booty shorts if you will. These are essential for gripping the pole with your inner thighs and knee. They will stop you from slipping off the pole – pro tip: don’t moisturize on pole fitness days.

The material for pole shorts should be four way-stretchable and tight to your skin. This is so you can move with ease. Here are a couple of our favourite options:

Gigi Low Shorts in Black

Also available in a high-waisted model, these shorts are designed specifically for pole dance and hot yoga. This model leaves your skin exposed, minimizing contact points between you and the pole, but keeping your private areas covered.

Also made from 4-way stretchable material, they are incredibly comfortable.

Mya Shorts in Gray Melange

Also made from four-way stretchable material, these mid-waisted shorts are high enough to prevent “muffin top”. An essential item when it comes to pole dancing clothes, they were designed to shape the underline of your bum and are super comfy!

Available in grey and khaki, they will match with almost any top or sports bra.


Leggings are perfect for arriving at pole dance class. Suitable for warming up and going to and from class, but unfortunately, they will reduce friction between you and the pole. They should be ok for beginners, but as you progress, you’re going to need a pair of shorts or a pole fitness dress.

Here are some of our favourite options:

Yogini Leggings in Gray Melange

These high waisted leggings are suitable for many occasions. From strolling the city to yoga or pole dance class. They’re tight to the skin yet super breathable – to the point where you’ll forget you’re even wearing bottoms.

These leggings combine comfort and style and can be worn with a pair of sandals, boots or trainers.

Moyo Leggings in Gray Melange

Similar to the Yogini, but without the heel cutouts. These high waisted leggings are perfect for workouts, warmups and yoga.

So, there you have it – an essential guide for pole dancing clothes. By the way, you’ve made a brilliant life choice because pole dance fitness is one of the most empowering sports you can take up. As the saying goes, “Never mess with a woman who hangs upside down for fun.”