How to Keep Fit Once You’re Married

Getting married is terrific – especially in today’s day and age. True love is quite the rarity, and if you have found someone you truly love and truly loves you back, then consider yourself truly lucky.

Along with the security, connection, comfort and company that comes with marriage, so too does the unconscious inevitability of letting go a little.

Yip, if you’re married, you will know what exactly we are referring to. You have someone who loves you, someone that is attracted to you – you did all the hard work (keeping in shape) and put in countless hours for years doing yourself up to make sure you looked a treat every time you walked out the door.

You’ve got your man, so why should still have to hit the gym every day and always watch what you eat? It is now time to enjoy each other and relax a little. Fair enough, but marriage requires common goals to ensure long term success. 

What better goal is there than to stay healthy together? Staying healthy and fit will be an excellent example for your children one day, not to mention, benefit your relationship in more ways than one. *clears throat*. 

There are exciting ways to keep fit and healthy once you’re married, such as hitting the gym together, cooking meals together and even taking up pole fitness. 

Let’s look at the facts

A study found that 73 per cent of Brits who fail to get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week are in fact, married. Whether divorced or never married, singles are much more likely to keep fit. It is also found that happily married newlyweds are more likely to gain weight in the four years after tying the knot.

How to keep fit after marriage

Staying healthy after marriage is challenging. It is easy to get caught up in our daily routines. Still, if you can establish and sustain healthy habits early in your marriage, it may just help improve your relationship. So, let’s look at some ways in which you can keep fit and healthy once you are married. 

Hit the gym together

Think about how many meetings, appointments, even time lunch dates with the girls you book? You’re a busy gal; we get it. You are married now, so just make sure to schedule time for your hubby, and for working out. 

Set up a workout date with your spouse a few times a week and stick to it as you would with any other appointment. 

You wouldn’t dare cancel a date with the girls, so, don’t cancel a workout with your partner just because you aren’t feeling up to it, or if you’ve had a bit of an argument the night before. Exercising together might be just what the doctor ordered. 

So, find out what exercises the two of you enjoy doing together and then go for it!

Try pole fitness

Staying healthy and keeping fit doesn’t necessarily mean having to hit the gym. There are more exciting ways to work out, which could be beneficial to your marriage in all sorts of interesting ways. 

One of these is pole fitness, a trend that has picked up in recent years. It is an incredible way to tone muscles, burn calories and enhance your flexibility. *clears throat again*. Plus, you will feel sexy in your pole fitness clothes

Pole fitness is also something exciting to talk about as there will always be a story to tell after a session, especially in the beginning. 

Set fitness goals

There are many social sporting events that you can train for together. If you don’t do them together, it’s a great way to support one another at the very least. Say, for instance, you enter a local marathon; it will result in many hours spent working towards a common goal together – great for strengthening your relationship. 

Let’s say you enter a pole fitness competition. We’re pretty sure he’ll be more than eager to support you in this too, even if he’s not officially participating in the contest himself. *clears throat once again*. 

It’s enjoyable to support each other. Having a specific purpose helps keep you accountable and on track.

Plan your meals and then cook them together

Planning and cooking your meals together is a great way to talk about eating healthy, and a great way to catch up after a busy day apart. By talking about healthy alternatives to what you usually crave, you will also be able to support one another in moments of weakness. 

Remember that putting in the effort doesn’t stop once you’re married, it just becomes so much more worth it.