The Best Plus Size Pole Dancing Instagram Accounts to Follow

plus size pole dancing

Pole fitness has been around for some time. During the 1990s, pole dancing was specifically practiced as an art and a form of fitness for the first time.

Remaining “alternative” for around 13 years, it started to gain mainstream popularity in 2003 and now continues to grow despite still being frowned upon by some.

What’s more significant, is the connection between pole dance fitness and body positivity. Plus size pole dancing is defying the odds of what society thinks body positive individuals are capable of.

Two movements unified as one – definitely something to get behind.

If you’re looking to get into something that is fun, builds confidence, is sexy, empowering and an incredibly effective form of exercise, you should look at what these ladies are doing! Here are the 5 best plus size pole dancing Instagram accounts to follow:

1. Roz “the Diva” Mays

Roz “the Diva” Mays is a true “badass” in every sense of the expression. She’s a certified trainer and pole dancing instructor who encourages her followers to step out of their comfort zone and “learn how to intoxicate the masses.”

Warrior of the plus size pole dancing community, she naturally brings down the house on a pole, but she also heads up seminars that train instructors on how to coach plus size athletes.

She’s unapologetic – a powerful and fierce woman. She inspires confidence, sexual appeal, and fun. An example for all plus size women out there, she personifies self-love and body positivity.


2. Ebony Aurora

Ebony is based in North Wales and discovered pole dancing from a YouTube video when she was sixteen years old.

Over four years later with no gymnastics or any dance/rhythmic background, Ebony had her first pole dance lesson at North Wales Pole and Aerial Arts Academy. From there she was hooked; at the studio nearly every day doing all the classes she could.

Ebony has visited many studios throughout the UK to work on her craft.

Her passion for the sport is contagious, and her form on the pole a force to be reckoned with. She has been featured on multiple pole dance platforms for this iconic photograph.

Covered in tattoos and piercings, she’s fast becoming the Alt queen of plus size pole dancing.

Ebony’s skills have expanded over time and she now she even enjoys fire eating, body burning, poi, hula hoop and stilt walking.


3. Tausha Mussard

Tausha won the 2015 Dangerous Curves Plus Size Pole Competition and became a director for the competition in 2016.

She is also a qualified plus size pole dance instructor at Vertical Fusion in Colorado, teaching the craziest tricks to her dancers and inspiring woman to feel comfortable in their own skin.

A true inspiration to those out there yearning to accept themselves for who they are. Just look at what she’s capable of on a pole.


4. Curvy Girls Pole

Founded by Jada Hudson. This blog is a celebrator of the curves! Curvy Girls Pole is your go-to site for everything plus size pole dancing.

It is a movement for women who celebrate and embrace their bodies. It is meant to inspire others who may be apprehensive to get involved.

They aim to inspire woman to challenge themselves by testing their limits and being bold and unapologetic about their love for pole dance fitness!

Their Instagram account is brilliant if you’re seeking inspiration as they showcase the best plus pole dancers out there with daily videos and images that will get you feeling motivated.


5. Paige Gabert

A pole dance babe who is as alternative as they come! She’s also a truly talented Boudoir photographer. If you didn’t know, Boudoir photography is where you wear sexy outfits, lingerie, dresses, or even go semi-nude and get your photographs taken.

This woman truly understands femininity and is even an official ambassador for the Pole Sport Organisation.

Of course, she’s BFFs with Roz “the Diva” Mays and works at a trendy pole dance studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan who practice pole by candlelight to provide ambiance, comfort, security and privacy.



There is no reason why women who are plus size can’t become pole dancers. If anything, it empowers women and body positivity.

If you think there are limitations to doing pole dancing as a plus size woman, then look at all these Instagram accounts and think again. At Dushko International, we have plus size pole wear to enhance your experience on the pole. You’re beautiful and capable, now go for it.