Light at the End of the Tunnel for the Pole Dance Community

Vaccines are here, restrictions are slowly lifting, and students and athletes of the Pole Dance Community are finding their way back to dancing together in studios, gyms and fitness centers.

While indoor activities are mostly open for business, once again, the community has displayed their willingness and strength to adapt to any circumstances: Individual and limited private lessons are available, outdoor group fitness sessions are starting to flourish, and online classes are more popular than ever.

There’s a similar “roadmap to reopening” being followed by many establishments. At the hardest times, instructors worked fast to redevelop classes for online use. Then, individual training and limited private lessons were made available. Currently, socially-distanced group classes are making a return to studios, with all eyes set on the grand prize: Getting back to a full timetable soon.

What to expect when visiting your pole dance studio

For a while longer, the wearing of face masks and sanitization protocols will still be implemented in dance studios and gyms. There will be limitations on the maximum number of people per apparatus. Not only are these new policies necessary to comply with government regulations, they are designed to keep you, your classmates and your instructors safe.

Although businesses are being allowed to advance their reopening process, this does not indicate that you are any less prone to contracting Covid-19 or any other contagious infection. Please continue to practice safe habits: Wash hands often and wear face coverings whenever you are in a space with others.

We hope that we will see case rates continue to decline while vaccines continue to be administered.

Even though we’re getting close, it’s not over yet. Please be patient, mindful and cautious, but do enjoy yourselves!

Don’t be surprised if there’s a waiting list to rejoin classes. During the lockdown, many people stuck at home began looking for new interests to keep them occupied and active. They found a new hobby in pole dancing; they’ll be keen to progress with live classes in studio.

Online pole lessons are here to stay

Although highly popularized during Covid-19, there are many other reasons why online lessons are ideal. You might not have any establishments in your area that offer classes. Online lessons are also perfect for learning at your own pace, in your own time, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Perhaps you’re looking to supplement your in-class lessons so you can perfect your form at home.

Some online class options available at the moment

  1. Open Dance Academy has over 450 online pole dancing lessons for you to enjoy, some by world-famous pole dancing champions, such as Evgeny Greshilov, Yvonne Smink, Jamilla Deville and Maddie Sparkle.
  2. Studio Veena is one of the original and best online pole dancing lesson providers. Not only are the top-notch and detailed lessons available for members, there’s also a huge and active community too.
  3. 123Poling is a source of knowledge for students, instructors, and studio owners. They want to help pole dancers grow in strength to improve their skills, as well as inspire creativity for performers.

Got the right equipment and apparel?

Ensure you have the right home equipment and practice safely. Pole Fit Freedom has a great guide to safety for pole fitness at home.

Whether you’re getting active at home or getting ready to hit the studio again, you’ll need the best quality and most comfortable apparel. Dushko International pole wear and activewear for women combines functionality and design. Made to last, our garments are athletic, classy and sophisticated.

Freshen up your activewear with our new items available.

Conventions and Competitions

Live PoleCon 2021

The International Pole Convention, PoleCon is an annual celebration of the pole dance/pole fitness community. The event showcases performances, vendors, workshops and seminars.

Live and in-person PoleCon 2021: August 26-29 in New Orleans is a go!

Be sure to follow PoleCon’s Facebook Page for updates on this exciting 10th anniversary event!

Virtual PoleCon 2021, presented by the IPIA

Virtual PoleCon 2021, presented by the IPIA, is back. It will take place on October 16, 9am to 10pm Eastern (New York) time. The event is focused on the pole business industry.

Event information can be found here.

Closer than ever

The pandemic hit the Pole Community hard, and we have been devastated to see some studios and other businesses closing indefinitely. We believe that this shared experience has greatly enhanced our appreciation for everyone involved.

Thank you again to all genders, shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities and fitness levels for believing in pole with all your love and support. Let us all learn, share and grow with anyone who chooses to be part of our community.

At Dushko International, we are definitely looking to the future for opportunities to connect and celebrate again in real life. Until then, stay strong and keep poling!

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