How to determine your mask size


In centimeters

Size Eye to Chin Ear to Nose
Extra Small (XS) 8-10 9-11
Small (S) 11-12 13-14
Medium (M) 13-14 14.5-15.5
Large (L) 15-17 16-18


How to measure yourself

Eye to Chin: From the bridge of your nose, between your eyes, to the center of your chin.

Ear to Nose: From the edge of your ear to the center of your nose.


Premium Washable Face Mask

22.00 USD

If you must wear a mask, why not look look good and be comfortable at the same time!

This non-medical and reusable mask combines comfort, style and functionality. The ears elastics were designed to avoid excess pressure on your ears, allowing you to comfortably wear the mask for many hours. It has a flexible stainless steel wire to contour your nose, thus ensuring a perfect fit! It also has a safety strap which keeps your mask around your neck when not in use.

Handmade from 2 layers of high-quality cotton and 1 layer of flannel. Combining these particular fabrics is recommended by health professionals for the best non-medical method to reduce exposure to viruses and bacteria.

The outer layer comes in a choice of multiple patterns (See the last few pictures for options).


Dushko International has partnered with a non-for-profit organization that plants a tree for each product you buy. Click here for details.


Machine washable for multiple uses.

How to clean and sterilize your face mask

How to determine your size
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