The Rise of Pole Dancing as The New Fitness Trend

pole dance fitness

Pole dancing – a profession that once raised eyebrows and was basically forbidden is now all the rage. Not as a profession but as a fitness craze. Many women and even some men are saying it is the quintessential workout.

The pole dance fitness trend is often associated with women only, though more and more mixed classes are popping up and most competitions now even include men’s categories.

Highlighting themes of empowerment and body positivity in an era of self-care, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing the rise of pole dancing as the new fitness trend.

As is often the case with women’s sports, people underestimate how hard pole actually is! Pole requires an immense amount of skill, training and athleticism, and is an uplifting form of exercise that we should be able to discover, own and enjoy without any judgment whatsoever.

The pole fitness frenzy has taken the world by storm. So much so that it is even being considered as an Olympic sport. So, if you’re still under the impression that this is a sleazy activity which only has a place in clubs and bars, let’s see what we can do about that archaic orientation.

Dropping the antiquated stigma connected to pole dancing

In order to escape the stigma associated with pole dance fitness, more and more fearless woman from all around the world are being unreservedly open about why they love it and how it makes them feel.

Amy Main, co-producer of Why I Dance says pole dancing accomplishes so many things at once. “Not only is it an incredible core and upper-body strength builder, but it is also sexually liberating, emotionally cathartic, a form of expression, and an exploration of self”. She said it truly is the most transformative type of fitness she’s ever experienced.

The pole dance fitness trend is about focusing on appreciating and respecting what your body can do. It’s about the long-delayed acceptance of all women’s body types, no matter the form, size, or appearance. It’s the practice of body-positivity. It encapsulates the movement perfectly, and that is why it is gaining popularity. And if we feel sexy while doing it, then why the heck not!?

3 undeniable reasons to start pole dancing

Now, if that proclamation wasn’t enough, think about the fitness benefits of lifting yourself up off of the ground with just your foot and a few fingers.

It’s just like heading to the gym, except more intense and way more exciting. Let’s drop that age-old image of 10-inch heels and a G-string for 5 minutes and take a look at the many health benefits of pole dance fitness.

1.    It tones your body

There are fewer forms of exercise that will tone you as fast and efficiently as pole dancing.  Because of the massive amount of movement and core strength needed, you’ll quickly notice your muscles becoming more toned, and we mean all over.

It’s great for your abs, arms, calves, thighs, waist, bum and shoulders. Unlike other exercises, you only need to do it once a week to see the change in your body within a few weeks.  You’ll also feel it because it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s tough but exhilarating.

2.    It’s empowering

Many of us are especially shy when it comes to our bodies. The beauty of pole fitness is that it builds confidence and self-esteem very quickly.

Sure, you may feel a little silly in your first couple of classes, but once you gain an understanding of how it works and you start to master the basics, progress will start to speed up and you’ll gain self-assurance rapidly.

Once you start to develop these skills, it’ll have a deeply positive impact on you, both emotionally and physically. You’ll start to walk taller, and you’ll become super proud of yourself and your newfound abilities. Plus, you’ll feel sexier, a whole lot sexier.

It’s an empowering process to perfect new moves while getting a hardcore workout. It’s motivating and will energise you in every other aspect of life too.

3.    You’ll be joining a community

At pole dancing class, you’ll never feel like an outsider – it’s a community of woman with the same interests. Expect a palpable sense of companionship and encouragement within the pole dance fitness community.

Even when you start to engage with fellow pole junkies online, you’ll find a tremendous amount of positivity and upliftment around it.

The last thing you should be concerned about is being judged in a pole fitness class. Seriously, women of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels are supported. What’s more, there’s a warm energy surrounding the pole dance fitness trend – expect to make BFFs immediately.

Ok, sounds amazing, but what do I wear to a pole fitness class?

Many women will immediately resort to yoga clothes because they aren’t aware that there is specific pole wear available – pole wear that doesn’t make you feel like a stripper. At Dushko we make clothing specifically designed for pole dance fitness and for women of all body types. Go on girl, give it a try!